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Our reserve covers about 400 hectares in a typically Apennine area, with the presence of meadows, pastures and beech and Turkey oak woods.
In order to protect biodiversity in the best possible way and give our customers an authentic and satisfying hunting experience, we are working to rebuild a legacy of native sedentary avifauna through scheduled releases of quality game, in particular gray partridges and pheasants.
You can purchase daily hunting permits by telephoning our gamekeeper Mr. Enrico Raffaelli on no. 3395471182.
With Mr. Raffaelli you can plan the entire daily outing in order to obtain maximum satisfaction and fully enjoy our territories.
Hunting season:
- from the third Sunday of September
- to 31 January

Entry price in the reserve: € 80
I nostri salumi di Cinta Senese Dop
Breeding of Cinta Senese dop

we produce handcrafted Cinta Senese cured meats that you can try in our restaurant or buy.

With the formula "adopt a pig" you can contribute financially to the breeding of one of our Cinta Senese pigs and decide how to transform it after slaughter. For example, you can choose what and how much to make: salami, lard, finocchiona, hams, fresh meat, rosticciana, sausages, coppa di testa, etc.
The cost of the adoption is €300 for butchering, processing, maturing, plus €5/Kg for the half carcases from the slaughterhouse. A whole pig processed after slaughter weighs around 150 kg.
You will therefore have available sausages and meat from Italian pigs, born and raised outdoors at the Passeggere, healthy, controlled, good and without preservatives. You can use part of it for your own and your family's consumption or give it to relatives and friends.
It is also possible to book a single half-carcass (about 75 kg), or to split the costs with your friends. Ask our Gamekeeper Enrico what might be the best solutions for you.
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