Restaurant il Passeggere

Our Restaurant was once a stable on the bottom floor and a barn on the main floor, nowadays you can enjoy a traditional menu surrounded by a warm and rustic atmosphere, typical of a mountain lodge with open spaces and attention to details. During the week we're open upon reservation.

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Our à-la-carte menu

Our menu proposes dishes of the Tuscan and the Mugello area traditions, such as Cinta Senese cold cuts, potato tortelli, meats and game. Fresh pasta and homemade bread are always on the table. Even if you don't think of yourself as a game enthusiast, once you taste this lean and healthy meat perfectly cooked by our chef you'll want to come back for more! We have deer, wild boar, pigeon and paltridge on or off the menu, if you stay with us you should give it a try, it'll surprise you.


You can find the english menu as .pdf attachment at the bottom of the page

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