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With the formula “adopt a pig” you can financially contribute to the growth of one of our Cinta Senese piglets and decide, when time comes, how to transform it after it's been butchered. For example, you will decide what you want us to make out of it: salami, lard, finocchiona, ham, fresh meat, ribs, sausage etc..


The "adoption" cost is € 300 for butchering, handling and seasoning, plus € 4,50 /Kg for the cuts after the butchering has been done. A whole pig after butchering operations weighs around 150 Kg.


You will have cold cuts, meats and lard from Italian pigs, born and raised in fresh air at almost 1.000 mt above sea level, healthy, constantly controlled, without additives and that have lived a happy life with their similars and other animals around them. You can use the products for your own consumption or as a present for family and friends.


You can even pay just for a half pig (circa 75 Kg), or share the costs with friends. Ask our gamekeeper Enrico what's the best for you at !